Author: Karen Noé

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Your Life After Their Death - A Medium's Guide to Healing After a Loss

Your Life After Their Death
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9781401943226
  • Release: 2014-05-05
  • Author: Karen Noé
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Religion & Spirituality
  • Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
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In Your Life After Their Death, psychic medium Karen Noé shows you how to move on and enjoy life again after you've lost a loved one. As Karen says, "Your deceased loved ones are okay and want you to be too!"

In Part 1 of this book, Karen talks about the various steps you can take to heal after losing your loved one. Some of the methods she discusses are: the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping), Ho'oponopono, the Law of Attraction, energy healing, prayer, and meditation.

In Part 2, she explains how to connect with your deceased loved ones and discusses how they communicate with you, send you signs, come in dreams, and help you in your life. She also shows you how to raise your vibration so that you will be in a better position to receive messages, find a good medium that will help you make that connection for you, and write various types of letters to maintain your connection with them. She ends this section with a chapter on how to connect with your deceased animals and pets, because they were--and still are--an important part of your family.

In Part 3, she talks about the different ways to keep the memory of your deceased loved ones alive and discusses how to move on with the rest of your life by setting goals for your future. Then she sums everything up, reminding you once again of the different steps you can take to heal your life after their death.