Author: Kai Lu-Salnikova

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I Love You, Tommy Hughes

I Love You, Tommy Hughes
  • Number: 9781487403522
  • Release: 2015-06-22
  • Author: Kai Lu-Salnikova
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc
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You’re good, but you’re not that good.

With killer moves on the court and model looks, star college athlete and New York native Tommy Hughes knows that he’s got talent, but that his heart just isn’t in basketball. There’s definitely no NBA in his future.

But what does the future have in store for him? Graduation is coming soon, and with it, job searches and apartment-hunting. The broad outline of the next few months of his life is clear, the specifics, less so. A job in what? An apartment where?

Everything is a blur, confusion, until a pick-up basketball game with Amy Van Doren—a beautiful girl he had known since they were both kids—helps him reflect, focus, and discover where his heart really does lie.

It’s winner take all on Tommy’s driveway—though in this game, there are no losers.

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