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A Wedding in Somewhere - Somewhere, TX, Vol 3

A Wedding in Somewhere
  • Number: 0996483810
  • Release: 2015-10-01
  • Authors: KC Klein, Krystal Shannan, R.L. Syme, Lavender Daye, Jodi Vaughn, Becca Boyd, Emma Roman
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Chick Tales, LLC
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Welcome to Somewhere, TX ~ Volume 3

Five Authors, One Town, No Limits...

From KRYSTAL SHANNAN/EMMA ROMAN Paranormal Romance/Contemporary Romance The Kane-Diaz wedding should go off without a hitch at Saddles For Hope Ranch...

From KC KLEIN Contemporary Western Romance ...but Brent Kane wakes up in jail and in the next cell is Somewhere's sheriff...

From LAVENDER DAYE Contemporary Western Romance the town looks to Hart Winston, in the midst of a crisis...

From JODI VAUGHN Contemporary Western Romance ...and Dr. Candace Roe may have to save a life today...

From R.L.Syme/Becca Boyd Romantic Suspense ...because Marcus Edison and Tande Walker have a secret that could ruin this wedding... Somewhere Texas Saga, in series order... Texas Sunrise (Box Set #1 ~ Books #1-#5) Month of Sundays (Book #6) Texas Straight Up (Box Set #2 ~ Books #7-#11)

Texas Straight Up - Somewhere, TX Saga Book 2

Texas Straight Up
  • Number: B00YBGVGEI
  • Release: 2015-07-07
  • Authors: KC Klein, Krystal Shannan, Jodi Vaughn, Becca Boyd
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Western, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Chick Tales, LLC
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In Volume Two, you'll find four full-length small town romances:

TROUBLE IN TEXAS by Jodi Vaughn (Contemporary Western Romance)

He’s hiding a secret and she’s his only hope…

TO LOVE A MATE by Krystal Shannan (Paranormal / Werewolf / New Adult College Romance)

Can a small-town cowboy win the heart of a woman who doesn’t have one?

THE BLACKHEARTED COWBOY by KC Klein (Contemporary Western Romance)

Chandler Sloan has everything—too bad his heart is as black as they come.

FIRE FIGHT by Becca Boyd (Contemporary Western Romantic Suspense)

She walked away once and he let her go, but when her life is on the line, can he watch her walk away again?

Texas Sunrise - Somewhere, TX Saga Book 1

Texas Sunrise
  • Number: B00OMG2XSK
  • Release: 2014-12-16
  • Authors: KC Klein, Krystal Shannan, R.L. Syme, Lavender Daye, Jodi Vaughn, Becca Boyd
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Western, Collections & Anthologies, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Chick Tales, LLC
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Welcome to Somewhere, TX

Five Authors, One Town, No Limits...


THE COWBOY ROCKSTAR by KC Klein (Contemporary Western Romance)

She's off-limits and he's off his game, but together, they could make perfect harmony...

SADDLE UP by Jodi Vaughn (Contemporary Western Romance)

She can heal his broken ribs, but it will take more than medicine to repair her reputation…Things are about to get a whole lot hotter in Texas.

FIRE AWAY by Becca Boyd (Small Town Romantic Suspense)

When two people fall for the same cupcake, more than tempers flare...

TO SAVE A MATE by Krystal Shannan (Paranormal/Werewolf/New Adult Romance)

A chance he'd never thought he'd have comes at a price he never wanted her to pay.

A MONTH OF SUNDAYS by Lavender Daye and R.L. Syme (Contemporary Romance)

Hotter On The Edge 2

Hotter On The Edge 2
  • Stars
  • Number: B00BWB0PTM
  • Release: 2013-03-17
  • Authors: Jessa Slade, Erin Kellison, KC Klein
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Hotter Edge
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Erin Kellison

It’s the wedding of the millennium! Princess Pilar Sol and Hakan Frust are celebrating their union with sector fetes full of celebrity and pomp. Theirs is an arranged marriage to preserve the vital commerce of the Nyer Transit Hub, and yet Pilar is madly, unreservedly, passionately in love. She has all the excitement she has long dreamed of—and a little more than she bargained for when she discovers that Hakan’s grasping family wants her dead.

Hakan has done everything in his power to save his inheritance—the bustling but impoverished Hub—including marrying a wealthy princess for her dowry. His heart isn’t supposed to be part of the deal, but Pilar has all the beauty and joy his life lacks. When Hakan runs afoul of his uncle’s associates—criminal in nature, violent in approach—he refuses to risk Pilar, not for money, not even for his life.

But Pilar is not so easily cast aside, and negotiations turn into a gamble with the future of the sector in the balance. Hakan is about to learn about the high stakes his bride will hazard, as he now has far more to lose—and win—than he ever believed possible: a future brighter than gold.


KC Klein

In the shards of civilization ruined by a global war, Lake has gotten the life she never dared dreamed of—a safe haven, and the love of a good man, her husband, Hudson Black Creek. But Lake’s hard-won happiness doesn’t last long when powerful Elders lay siege on Black Creek Manor in retaliation for a past defiance. As Lake watches everything she loves go up in flames, she sacrifices herself for the chance to keep Hudson and her brother alive. Syon, a diabolic Elder with his own agenda, will push Lake to her breaking point, forcing her to compromise—heart and soul— in order to survive.

Hudson wakes from a head wound to find that his whole world is reduced to ashes. With no memory of why he’s sacrificed everything for a woman whose name is tattooed on his chest, Hudson is determined to make his heart match the emptiness of his mind, and wipe out everything except the hatred for those who are to blame—the Elders and the wife he sought to protect.

As evil and fear spread across a war-torn land, Lake and Hudson are tested like never before, and both will have to forgive betrayals and risk greater heartbreak if they want a chance at saving their lives… and their love.


Jessa Slade

When mercenary raiders targeted the empathic crystals that imbue the legendary l’auraly lovers with extraordinary sensual prowess, Icere, the last male l’auralyo, helped destroy the crystals. Rather than let the source of uninhibited pleasure be corrupted into a mind-controlling drug, he allowed his passionate destiny to remain forever unfulfilled. Now, Icere channels his fury into revenge. Tracking the raiders through the interstellar sheerways to a watery world infamous for its aphrodisiac liqueur, he finds a queen—as adrift and alone as he—forced for years into a fate she never desired.

Saya-Rynn inherited duty, command and control from her cruel grandfather and fought to transform her dangerous planet into a paradise for her people—but the price was literally a poison that runs through her veins. Though she feels as ancient as the seas, she finds herself awash in the hot male potency of the young Icere. Still, she resists the chance for indulgence she thinks has passed by her. But when the raiders strike again, Rynn must embrace her troubled legacy, and Icere will find his place as a lover and a fighter. Together, the reluctant ruler and the deposed prince of passion find common purpose, combating the mysterious entity seeking to rule the sheerways, and claim a love as bright as the infinite stars.

Hotter On The Edge

Hotter On The Edge
  • Stars
  • Number: B00757WOT6
  • Release: 2012-02-02
  • Authors: Jessa Slade, Erin Kellison, KC Klein
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Hotter Edge
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Three novellas of science fiction romance

On the edge of space...

On the edge of danger...

On the edge of desire...

All That Glitters by Erin Kellison

Cheated out of a fortune by the Sol royal family, lowborn Simon Miner will do anything to get his revenge, no matter how ruthless. When Princess Mica Sol, a terraforming expert, is shot out of the sky on the way to her sister’s lavish wedding, she fears the worst—scavengers—and flees into an alien jungle to avoid capture. But the man who pursues and captures her is none other than Simon, her former lover. Passions reignite as violence rocks Sol City, and Simon and Mica must fight for love, family, and their world… or lose everything.

To Buy a Wife by KC Klein

In a harsh land where corruption rules and women are few, cold realist Hudson Land must purchase a wife to save his farm. Instead of an auction, he witnesses the start of an execution. With his first look at a beautiful woman in years, Hudson knows he has to have her—no matter the cost. Lake, a chemist and a rebel fighter, is resigned to her death, but when some back-hill farmer rescues her from the chopping block she has no intention of simply becoming his wife. She’s pledged her life to the Rebellion and being bought for some stranger’s bed doesn’t change a thing, though his soft caresses have her longing for more. As lies and secrets build between them, are the quiet moments during the nights they’ve shared enough to stand against two warring factions in a world where only the strong survive?

Enslaved by Starlight by Jessa Slade

Transformed by empathic crystals into the perfect paramour, Benedetta Galil is the last treasure of her fading world. When raiders attack—seeking to corrupt the crystals and conquer all of charted space—she gives herself as a prize to the one man in the universe who values freedom over power. Mercenary sheership Captain Corso Deynah left oppression behind him on a burning planet and has no use for a sex slave, even one as seductive as Benedetta. But while he stubbornly resists her body, her fierce spirit tempts him, and he will risk everything—his ship, his seclusion, the very stars—to win not just her passion but her love.

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