Author: K.C. Lauer

K.C. Lauer lives in the Hartford, CT area with her husband and daughter. She is a rock-n-roll singer, a small business owner and is currently working on producing her new Album 'Paths', that will feature her band Chainsmoker, some of their originals and a few familiar favorites.

Her memoir is about over coming fears and living your dreams. It is raw, rude and revealing, and talks about her birth defects, her addictions and her struggle with gender identity/sexual orientation.


Bad Girl Gone Mom

Bad Girl Gone Mom
  • Number: 9781456823382
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  • Author: K.C. Lauer
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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K.C. Lauer was born with birth defects. A cleft palate, hearing loss, and vaginal agenesis left her feeling abnormal. She struggles with alcohol and drugs through her young teen years, and gets sober for the second time at age 17 and a half.  She struggles with her sexuality and wonders what normal means. Follow her story as she learns to face her fears head on, and live her life with no regrets.

Bad Girl Gone Mom challenges the reader to appreciate unique facets of women's health and resilience mentally, physically, and spiritually. At only 287 pages in short chapter lengths, it fits busy lifestyles and short attention spans.

Bad Girl Gone Mom may be seen as a great resource to medical professionals and students in medical school programs like child and family psychiatry, genital surgery, gynecology, and more. In liberal arts colleges, this may be used as a remarkable textbook or supplemental reading for psychology, social work, and other appropriate areas of study, regarding gender identity disorders.

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