Author: Jules Verne

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (TEB) - The Classics Exposed…

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (TEB)
  • Number: 978-1-78184-066-5
  • Release: 2012-07-29
  • Authors: Marie Sexton, Jules Verne
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romance: Historical, GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
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The Classics Exposed…

Professor Pierre Aronnax, world-renowned Naturalist, is part of an elite team of men commissioned to investigate a series of attacks on international shipping. Are the attacks the work of some ancient sea monster, or is this “monster” actually a manmade vessel? No one is certain, but either way, Pierre’s assignment is the same: find it and destroy it.

The hunt soon becomes tedious, and Pierre is distracted by Ned Land, a sexy and temperamental harpooner who has his sights set on the Professor. The two begin a passionate affair, but an encounter with the creature they seek changes everything.

Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, and their friend Conseil find themselves held hostage aboard The Nautilus, a secret submarine helmed by the mysterious Captain Nemo. For Pierre, life on The Nautilus is ideal. He spends his days studying the sea’s wonders, and his nights with Ned, discovering a passion he’s never known. But how long can it last? Captain Nemo is reckless, and Ned is determined to escape. Caught between two charismatic men and the opportunity of a lifetime, Pierre will have to choose: leave The Nautilus, or lose the man he loves forever? (Super Plus Novel)

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  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (TEB) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (TEB)