Author: Judy Griffith Gill

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Mother Love

Mother Love
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  • Number: 978-1-58749-189-4
  • Release: 2009-11-28
  • Author: Judy Griffith Gill
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Awe-Struck
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Contemporary romance

# of pages: 143 pages

Joanna, long divorced, mother of a single-mom daughter and a rebellious teenager, is pregnant, through accident, not design. Her older daughter thinks it's "cool", her teen thinks it's humiliating, and her mother's in such a fog of pot smoke she doesn't care.

Her sometimes lover, who is not the father, wants to marry her, but he's a "ramblin' man" not a good marriage prospect even if she wanted one. One marriage was plenty! But, when she suffers a serious accident, Joanna discovers her family can pull together, love each other, care for her, and that her mother's advice—"when you find a good man, hang onto him"—is worth listening to, and that a ramblin' man can settle down when the time is right.


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