Author: Joshua V. Scher

Joshua Scher is a playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and most recently, an Angeleno. He holds a BA with Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University and an MFA in playwriting from Yale University. His play, The Footage, has been produced from NYC to Australia and its cinematic adaptation was developed by Pressman Film. Scher’s television pilot, JiGsAw, was developed by Danny Glover with Louveture Films and his film, I’m Ok, starring Dot-Marie Jones, is in post-production, set for a 2016 festival run. His first novel, HERE & THERE, will be released this November 2015.


Here & There

Here & There
  • Number: 9781503946842
  • Release: 2015-11-01
  • Author: Joshua V. Scher
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: 47North
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It was supposed to be a simple proof of concept. The physics were sound. Over one hundred teleportation experiments had already been successfully performed...

Debate rages over whether the Reidier Test’s disastrous outcome resulted from human error, government conspiracy, or sabotage. No one has actual knowledge of the truth. But hidden from the public eye, there exists a government report commissioned from criminal psychologist Dr. Hilary Kahn, chronicling the events that took place.

Dr. Kahn disappeared without a trace.

Now her son Danny has unearthed and revealed the report, fueling controversy over the details of Reidier’s quest to reforge the fabric of reality and hold his family together. Exposed with little chance of finding his mother, Danny goes underground to investigate. But nothing can prepare him for what he discovers.

In this thrilling saga, a paradigm-shattering feat may alter humanity’s future as quantum entanglement and teleportation collide.

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