Author: Jorja Lovett

Jorja is a British author, with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humor; a necessity when living in a country where the climate is more suitable for ducks than humans.

Her childhood dreams revolved around becoming an author and exploring the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. In her debut story, Pyramid of Passion, she hits the jackpot where she gets to live out all of her fantasies.

By day, Jorja is a mild mannered pillar of virtue. By night, she is a purveyor of smut and a writer of filth. Well, that's how her other half describes her, with his tongue firmly in cheek, and who is she to argue? Egged on by her critique group, Up and Coming Writers, she wrote this racy tale and enjoyed every hot minute of it. Sometimes it's good to be naughty!