Author: Jon Schafer

Jon Schafer (Born February 21st, 1965) is an artist, a writer, and used to design amusement parks, casinos, and family entertainment centers as well as running his own architectural design firm.

So that means in this economy, he work as a telemarketer.

He loves to write and has traveled around the world, so he uses a lot of his life's experience in the background of his books.

He served in the Marine Corps, and although he would never do it again in a million years, cherishes every minute and memory of that time.

His first book, Dead Air, is number one of a four book Zombie apocalypse series, with Dead Calm coming out soon. His second book, Immigrant Song, takes a hard look at illegal immigration but with a twist.

He is a Master Diver and Dive Master through PADI, so to be near some of the best diving in the world he currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

When you buy one of his books, please rate it. He relies on his customers to tell him how they liked his work and doesn't have family and friends flesh out his reviews.


Dead Calm - The Dead Series, #2

Dead Calm
  • Number: B00BE9PL6E
  • Release: 2013-02-10
  • Author: Jon Schafer
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Horror, * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Jon Schafer
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Months after the dead rise up to challenge the living for control of the earth, Steve Wendell and the survivors who fled with him by sailboat from Clearwater, Florida find themselves becalmed in the Gulf of Mexico.

As their chances for survival dwindle, they come across a cruise ship drifting in the current. Seeing that the living dead only occupy parts of the ship, they decide to go aboard. Searching through an eerie, deserted opulence, they find a brother and sister in hiding.

But not just from the dead.

A religious charlatan has taken control of the ship and is promising his followers that the rapture is coming soon…If only they believe in him. He’s using his faithful in a quest for power, but after Steve and his people arrive, he wants something else.

Dead Air - Dead Series #1

Dead Air
  • Number: B00AT6GRQG
  • Release: 2012-12-25
  • Author: Jon Schafer
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Horror, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Jon Schafer
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When a man suffering from a rare disease receives a debilitating head injury, the treatment given him mutates his affliction into a highly contagious virus. As the disease spreads, it first kills its victims and then reanimates them into beings that are compelled to eat ravenously and crave human flesh.

In Clearwater, Florida, Steve Wendell is following the stories of people attacking each other, but is unaware of the situation. When Heather Johansen, a Sheriff’s Deputy who is interested in Steve as more than a friend, tells him the real story of cities being overrun by the dead, Steve makes plans to barricade himself in the fifteen story bank building where the radio station he manages has its suite of offices.

After locking himself in with Heather and eight others, the group continues to broadcast live as the dead surround their redoubt and search for a way in. Coming across a ten year-old girl that is immune to the disease, the group tries to find a way to transport her across a land filled with the flesh-eating dead to a government facility where she can be studied and a cure found

Immigrant Song

Immigrant Song
  • Number: B00ASRFJO2
  • Release: 2012-12-24
  • Author: Jon Schafer
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Jon Schafer
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Forced to flee the death squads in his homeland, Ricky makes his way through Central America to Colorado while dodging immigration patrols and a death sentence if he's caught and deported. Along the way he meets an immigrant named Maria and falls in love. Together they travel to a country that's not what it appears to be.

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