Author: John Jade

John Jade is a thriller writer based in the UK. John is working on a trilogy of novels exploring the themes below. The Osiris Plan is the first in the series and is now available as an eBook.

• Faith - can we live without it? Is science already replacing traditional "God" religions with a new form of faith for the masses? Will technology eventually provide an afterlife and, if so, what will the solution be?

• Mars - what will exploration bring and how can we use Mars to protect and enhance the species?

Earth - how will humans plan to survive the mass extinction events which decimate life on Earth (approximately) every 30 million years?

• Politics - who will lead the world as China draws level with the USA on GDP output over the next few years? Will world politics be able to plan for the long term or is it doomed to lurch from war to war and boom to bust?

• Science - how will new technology be used to address the needs of human psyche? Needs which have been satisfied by traditional religions for millennia...

• Global Village - how will the communication revolution influence our ability to put events in the correct spatial and statistical context? Can we plan for the long term in the midst of the instant information blizzard?