Author: John F. Williams

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Hating Perfection : A Subtle Search for the Best Possible World

Hating Perfection : A Subtle Search for the Best Possible World
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  • Number: 9781591027324
  • Release: 08/25/2009
  • Author: John F. Williams
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Non-fiction
  • Publisher: Pyr / Prometheus / Humanity
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The best heaven and the worst hell are the same place. Travel with author John F. Williams into the jungles of Laos and into a new understanding of existence.
In lively short stories, Hating Perfection shows the everyday world as uncanny, equally strange as the imaginary worlds of Borges or Kafka. This engrossing, strikingly original book invites you to experience your life in a new way.
Hating Perfection weaves its stories together with an elegant logic. Our hateful world—painful, unjust, ruthless, fatal—stands revealed as the best of all possible worlds, flooded everywhere by a perfection both alien and addicting. What we want is different from what we get. But the reason why has a divine splendor.
Stand beside the author for a time, and look in the direction he is looking. Your troubles may still be your troubles, but the world will be more than it was.