Author: Joe DeCicco

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Angel With a Gun - Mike Romano series

Angel With a Gun
  • Number: B0046RDNEI
  • Release: 2006-01-12
  • Author: Joe DeCicco
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: JNJ Associates Publishing
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Angel with a Gun, the authors first novel received some recognition by being included in the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association 2007 Young Adult Top Forty Best Selection List.

In Angel, Mike witnesses a crime against a child that strikes too close to home. As a result he becomes a police officer and vows to somehow bring the perpetrator to justice. After graduating the Police Academy, he is assigned to a tough command in Harlem where he learns how to be a proper police officer.Not all cops are angels. But a few go bad, real bad. Mike Romano is just a beat officer, but now he finds himself facing police corruption and worse. He joined the force to stop a child molester from preying on his neighborhood, but to make the collar stick he has to follow procedure.

Now he's about to find out that there is no set procedure for staying alive. As his career unfolds, Mike learns who the molester is and why he hasn't been brought to justice.

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