Author: Joannie Kay

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Christmas Tales from the Old West

Christmas Tales from the Old West
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  • Author: Joannie Kay
  • Genre: HOT Romance
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  • Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
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This anthology is comprised of five offerings; three of which are single stories, the other two comprised of three to five chapters. All take place in the old west, and make for a fun holiday read.

The Christmas House by Joannie Kay: TeriLynn's life is in danger and an elderly couple who refer to each other as Mother and Father offer her safety at a comfortable old Inn on Christmas Eve. When TeriLynn wakes up the next morning, she finds that she has traveled back in time where the man who greets her thinks nothing of spanking her before he even knows her name! (Single story)

Christmas Carol by Joannie Kay: Doctor Christmas Carol Peterson is home to spend Christmas with her ailing parent after ten years away… ten long lonely years of knowing she isn't welcome in her father's home. He was ashamed of her for doing something so unladylike as becoming a doctor, but Chris is determined to make peace with her father before she loses him. She is shocked when foreman Drew Quigley is brave enough to defy her father and bring the buggy to drive her to the Sure Shot Ranch. She is even more shocked when that same man dares to take her over his knee when she butts into his fight with the Ganger brothers! (Five chapter novella)

A Hymn for Christmas by Joannie Kay: Nellie is devastated when her new husband takes a switch to her when he hears her singing Silent Night. He firmly announces there will be no Christmas in his home. Nellie packs her belongings and runs away. Silas feels guilty for switching his little Nellie and decides to go to her and ask forgiveness, and learns she has run away! No matter that he gave her a switching she didn't deserve, he is determined to set her fanny on fire when he catches up with her to bring her back home where she belongs. (Single story)

Jackson's Christmas Prayer by Dort Wesley: Little Jackson fetches his Ma when he finds a man beaten half to death. Leah is shocked to learn the man is Trevor Alexander, Jackson's father… The man who loved her and left her during the War. Leah is even more stunned when her son announces that Trevor is the answer to his Christmas Prayer for a father! Trevor cannot believe he has found Leah after all this time, but now it is his duty to protect them from the men who would see him dead. Leah earns a spanking for drugging him after he warns her not to, and Leah finds it most embarrassing to have to cooperate with a spanking at her age, especially when she is positive Trevor will move on and leave little Jackson devastated. (Three chapters)

The Man Who Hates Christmas by Paige Mallory: Ex-lawman Grady Sims is furious when he can't seem to discourage his neighbor's daughter from interfering in his life. Marcie was determined to bring Christmas into his home, and he wasn't buying. He finally resorted to spanking her, positive that would settle her hash once and for all, but Marcie was determined to see to it he had a wonderful Christmas, even to the point of putting herself in terrible danger!