Author: Jo Andrews

I live in Canada, in a small town on the edge of one of the Great Lakes. It's a location that allows my guy and me to have the best of both worlds -- the country and the city. We can go sailing or riding or just lie on a white sand beach in summer, then have fun snowmobiling or cross-country skiing in winter, while the theaters, restaurants and nightlife of a big city are always just a short drive away.

I'm a readaholic. I'll read ads on the subway or the backs of cereal boxes if there's nothing else available. I read every genre and it doesn't matter if it's fiction or nonfiction. But romances, science fiction and fantasy have been my favorites ever since I discovered them at the age of eleven. So of course I combined them by writing paranormal stories.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't creating my own worlds in my head and scribbling down bits and pieces of them. Then I started writing fanfiction about vampire shows on tv. The fanfic sites are a great place to learn the essential elements of writing a story! I won several awards there and met a group of wonderful, articulate and supportive people. We still email each other and I love getting emails and comments from readers.