Author: Jex Lane

I enjoy writing about hidden worlds full of vampire hunters, epic battles, steamy sex, and, of course, beautiful monsters. Connect with me on Facebook and say hi! I don't bite…I let my vampires do that for me.

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Broken - Beautiful Monsters Vol. 3

  • Number: B06XDB6KY4
  • Release: 2017-03-01
  • Author: Jex Lane
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: GLBTQ+, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Jex Lane
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Vampire. Incubus. Demigod. Weapon.

Matthew has many names, but none as distressing as pet. A slave to incubus High King Malarath, Matthew is tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of losing those he loves. Tired of the torture. And, in his despair, his body begins to decay around him.

The High King, angered that his pet is dying, brings in the one person who might be able to fix Matthew: High Lord General Tarrick.

While all trust Matthew had in the general is gone, maybe there is hope in the situation. All Matthew needs to do is start acting like an incubus and put on a show.

Author’s note: This book contains dark scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

160,000 words

Sire - Beautiful Monsters Vol. 2

  • Number: B01MF8NTLZ
  • Release: 2016-10-20
  • Author: Jex Lane
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Jex Lane
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Still mending a broken heart, Matthew has spent a year avoiding incubi and their army of hunters.

Now he has a new goal: lift the shroud on his past. Why had he been turned and abandoned by his sire? Why didn’t he feel the initial bond between sire and child that vampires experience? Who were his parents, and why had they given him up at birth?

Frustrated by dead ends, his luck changes when a teenage girl tracks him down. She’s strange, socially awkward, and she can see the future. Matthew’s future. She’ll help him if he agrees to save her from the darkness…from Tarrick.

With the incubi armies closing in, a mysterious protector appears, swearing his fealty to Matthew. He’s ancient, seductive, and cursed—unable to explain why he keeps calling Matthew ‘my prince’.

*Note for readers: This book is part of an ongoing series. The story begins with Captive: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1.

Captive - Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1

  • Number: B01JTTD1EO
  • Release: 2016-08-05
  • Author: Jex Lane
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: GLBTQ+, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Jex Lane
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Matthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him. Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans, he keeps himself confined to a lonely existence.

Everything changes the night he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick—a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy. Forced into the middle of a war between vampires and incubi, Matthew is used as a weapon against his own kind. Although he's desperate for freedom, he is unable to deny the burning desire drawing him to the incubus general he now calls Master.

This book contains dark themes, a captured bisexual vampire, and high heat. It is intended for mature audiences.

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