Author: Jessie Colter

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The Demon's Princess - The Otherworldly Series #1

The Demon's Princess
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  • Number: 9781452889146
  • Release: 10/26/2010
  • Author: Jessie Colter
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, Romantic Elements, Supernatural, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Wild Horse Press
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Trapped in what she at first deems a nightmare, Lucinda Hayworth finds herself living day to day life in Atlanta, in a distant cousin's body – in 1896. Deciding to blend in while she tries to find a way back to her time, she goes through life as Lucinda Caden… a wealthy debutante. At a ball, she meets Alexander, a prince visiting from a small-unknown kingdom in the Atlantic. While Lucinda Caden may be from an influential family, she doesn’t feel worthy of Alex’s attention – especially knowing that she’s really just a modern girl of middle class status trapped in another time.

When Lucinda discovers Alex is more than what he says, she still wants to be with him. Her parents, however, have other ideas. Shoving her in the direction of a long-term family friend, Jonathan, they forbid her from seeing the prince. In an attempt to escape the unwanted attentions of Jonathan Statton, she meets the Earl of Leamont, Benton Richards. While she will always love Alex, Lucinda must decide if she will wait for him forever, or if she will give herself a chance at happiness with someone else.

Book is geared toward audience’s grades 11 and up.