Author: Jesse Hayworth

Jesse Hayworth came to life when I met Mr. Right.

In my other life, I write dark, suspenseful stories where the hero and heroine always get their happily ever after, but only after going through lots of danger and heartbreak. Having found my own happily ever after, however, I started wanting to write gentle, funny love stories.

Fortunately, my agent and editor loved the idea of contemporary romances set on a family-run dude ranch. They knew that my thirty-some years as a horse person and ten years as a farm owner would give me lots to draw from, and they green lighted the series. Since then, I've shifted from being a horse owner to volunteering at an equine rescue (baby mini donkeys--squee!), but the rest is unchanged.

I really love writing the Mustang Ridge books, and am hard at work on the next, along with stories under the Jessica Andersen pseudonym. And in the spirit of writing this entire bio backwards and inside-out, I was born and raised in a small town in eastern Massachusetts (go, Sox!), went to Tufts University (go Jumbos!), love animals of all kinds (okay, I'm not big on spiders or wasps), and can't go a day without chocolate.

Jesse Hayworth is AKA Jessica Andersen