Author: Jennifer W. Smith

Multi-genre author Jennifer W. Smith lives in a quaint American town with her family, blue-eyed cat and rough collie. A former flight attendant and interior designer, her love of travel, adventure, and her attention to detail are evident in her novels. Her debut novel, Flying Backwards is a romantic adventure inspired by her previous career as a flight attendant. Her love of the New England coastline inspired the Broken Water Series, a romance and fantasy adventure. Jennifer has written a children’s book series featuring grandparents teaching their grandchildren about birds.


Flying Backwards

Flying Backwards
  • Number: B014BTDS2M
  • Release: 2015-08-22
  • Author: Jennifer W. Smith
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Apple House Publishing
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Wouldn’t it be exciting to travel to exotic places, meet a man who makes your heart summersault, and become a person you admire? Eleanor (Nora) Clark realizes the key to an interesting life is eluding her. Never leaving the small Pennsylvania town she grew up in, living in a house her fiancé bought his ex-girlfriend, and spending weekends helping in the family business. She realizes life is passing her by as her twenty-ninth birthday looms on the horizon. Why hasn’t she taken any gutsy chances in life?

On a whim, she applies to become a flight attendant. Suddenly, she is jetting off to London, Rome, and St. Petersburg where she finds herself romantically entangled with three very different suitors. Eleanor’s new life exceeds all her wildest dreams.

To find fulfillment, Eleanor must discover success, confidence, friendship, and love. As her daydreams become reality, the choices she makes both build and break her heart. But her last choice decides it all.

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