Author: Jennifer McAndrews

Jennifer McAndrews is a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist and a two-time Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence finalist. Whether publishing romance under the name Gwen Roman or mystery under the McAndrews name, Jennifer has the most fun when weaving puzzles on the page or launching grand adventures, She resides in the greater New York metro area with her husband, children, and an assortment of household pets.


A Shattering Crime - A Stained-Glass Mystery, #3

A Shattering Crime
  • Number: 9780425267974
  • Release: 2016-06-07
  • Author: Jennifer McAndrews
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery, Suspense: Cozy Mystery
  • Publisher: Berkley
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It’s death by Danish in the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Death Under Glass, featuring stained-glass enthusiast and amateur sleuth Georgia Kelly.

Life in Wenwood, New York, sparkles for Georgia, but for one of her neighbors, it’s about to lose its luster...

Georgia’s day-to-day routine finally seems to be lining up. Stained-glass projects in the morning, clerical work for a law office in the afternoon, and waitressing in the evening. Best of all she gets to spend relaxing Sundays with her new boyfriend. But that comfortable pattern is about to be broken.

First Georgia’s cat goes into heat and literally disturbs the peace. Then Georgia’s mother drops in for a visit with her new husband in tow. But everything falls to pieces after a local activist is found dead from a poisoned danish. Authorities quickly put the heat on Rozelle, owner of the local bakery, but no one in town believes Rozelle capable of murder. Now it’s up to Georgia to crack the case and foil the real killer’s plans before the tranquility of Wenwood is shattered.

Death Under Glass - A Stained-Glass Mystery, #2

Death Under Glass
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9780425267967
  • Release: 2015-07-07
  • Author: Jennifer McAndrews
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery, Suspense: Cozy Mystery
  • Publisher: Berkley
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In the latest novel from the author of Ill-Gotten Panes, Georgia Kelly has made a home for herself and her stained glass business in Wenwood, New York. But not everything in the sleepy Hudson River town is as transparent as it seems…

While Georgia has come to love her new hometown, her stained glass windows haven’t exactly been raking in the dough. So when her best friend, Carrie, offers her the opportunity to create a made-to-order window for Wenwood’s latest bed and breakfast, Georgia jumps at the chance.

But when Carrie’s ex-husband’s office suddenly burns to the ground and Carrie’s own office and apartment are robbed, Georgia has to put down her glass and cutter to get to the bottom of the trouble. Carrie insists she doesn’t have enemies, but Georgia is determined to do everything in her power to find out who’s targeting her friend—and why—before anyone else’s life is smashed to pieces...

Deadly Farce - An Avalon Mystery

Deadly Farce
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9780803474642
  • Release: 2012-02-07
  • Author: Jennifer McAndrews
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Avalon Books
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When Hollywood heavyweight Shepard Brown fears someone is trying to kill him, he asks newly licensed private investigator Lorraine Keys to keep him safe. Friends with Shepard since elementary school, Lorraine knows he can be more than a little melodramatic. Though she agrees to meet him on location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to review the situation, the last thing she expects is to find truth in his claims. After all, a poisoned pizza? But after getting caught in the center of yet another attempt on Shepard's life, Lorraine is forced to admit he's right about the danger--and determined to find a way to protect him while searching for the culprit.

With her meddling friend Barb along for the ride and her boss anxiously tracking her every move, Lorraine must juggle the chaos of a film set, the lure of the casinos, the mutual attraction of a hunky co-star, and a minefield of Shepard's ex-girlfriends all while keeping Shepard safe and uncovering the identity of the killer … before she becomes the next target.

Braving the Titanic - A Tossed through Time Adventure, #1

Braving the Titanic
  • Stars
  • Number: B006NS1HN2
  • Release: 2011-12-18
  • Author: Jennifer McAndrews
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Historical Fiction
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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On a spring night in 1912, more than fifteen hundred people lost their lives on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

On a spring day in 2012, two teen boys stumble into the past and onto Titanic.

Fourteen year old Kade West has been fascinated with all things Titanic since he was a young boy. But when a trip to an Artifact Exhibition tosses him through time to the decks of the unsinkable ship, all Kade wants is to escape before the ship carries him to the bottom of the icy Atlantic.

Thirteen year old Simon Sharpe has been a history buff since before he could read. For Simon it’s a dream come true to be traveling through time, living history, and falling for a girl for the first time... if only none of those events were happening aboard a doomed ocean liner...