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Author: Jennifer K. Crittenden

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The Discreet Guide for Executive Women - How to Work Well with Men and Other Difficulties

The Discreet Guide for Executive Women
  • Number: 9780984736003
  • Release: 2012-02-01
  • Author: Jennifer K. Crittenden
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Non-fiction, Business
  • Publisher: Whistling Rabbit Press
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Inspired to extend a helping hand to ambitious women working in corporate America, a veteran executive offers honest, practical, slightly irreverent advice about navigating companies that are run and populated predominately by men: how to interpret their sometimes surprising behavior, avoid common mistakes, flourish with the good guys, deal with the bad guys, and nurture a wonderful, satisfying career in a non-traditional role.

Learn how to:

--build relationships with men one-on-one, in meetings, and after hours

--work a difficult room full of men and shine in the eyes of your male managers

--identify gentlemen, bullies, liars, and predators

--detect a glass ceiling and sidestep a misogynist backlash

--get noticed for your courage and common sense and be heard

--avoid classic pitfalls related to conflict, emotional behavior, and sex

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