Author: Jenifer Rubloff

As a teenager in boarding schools in Switzerland and the U.S., Jenifer Rubloff learned from the people she met and the friends she made about different cultures, customs, religions, and cuisines. When she sat in her school study halls, on many nights, she’d play “what if” with her imagination about what could happen in her school with only a small tweak to reality. As an author of fiction, Rubloff twists reality to share her experiences and fascination with how people and events can be interconnected.


By the Seat of Her Pants - Betsy Butters Books, #2

By the Seat of Her Pants
  • Number: B0091UCATO
  • Release: 2012-08-23
  • Author: Jenifer Rubloff
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Jenifer Rubloff
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Betsy Butters is back, in love for the first time, and caught up in a new intrigue that stands to infuriate her enemies and put her in constant jeopardy.

When Betsy Butters, American teen, vacations in Paris, from her Swiss boarding school, Château Mont Blanc, she expects to fall in love with the city, but never, with intelligent and handsome French teen, Alex Petrov.

While Alex shows Betsy the city of Paris, they learn about their common likes and experiences, most teens their ages don’t share, and Betsy learns about the Petrov family’s loss in life and fortune.

Betsy returns to Château Mont Blanc’s winter campus, in Crans-Montana, and makes a connection between her school and the Petrov’s chalets, misappropriated during WWII. When she experiences a freak ski accident, Interpol’s Inspector Bernard questions if it wasn’t really intentional, and what Betsy has done to cause someone to wish her bodily harm.

Unflappable Betsy sets off a chain of events that puts her on a collision course with the thieves out to find the missing Petrov fortune. After more than seventy years of searching, will the treasure be recovered, and will Betsy’s detective work motivate someone to rid himself of her uncanny talents?

Inspector Bernard has no clue what curious Betsy may uncover next, and worries how he will protect her until the school year ends.

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