Author: Jeffrey Redmond

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Alien Suspicion

Alien Suspicion
  • Number: B001RO6M5K
  • Release: 2008-12-09
  • Author: Jeffrey Redmond
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Double Dragon
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Galactic Year: 3008

It would seem that as the Terrans finally ventured from their Planet Earth, and out into other solar systems beyond their own Region 806, they came into contact with the RAWR star system containing the planet now called Erda. In ages past, their neighboring planet with three moons suffered long periods of intercontinental warfare, plagues, famines, depopulation, pollution and even some natural disasters.

A few of the survivors were found and taken to nearby Erda by some of the first Terran Dark Energy powered hyper-space spheres to reach the solar system. The Terrans then joined with those from other overpopulated star systems in colonizing and repopulating both planets.

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