Author: Jean Maxwell

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Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant
  • Number: 9781771308922
  • Release: 2014-06-19
  • Authors: Beth D. Carter, Doris O'Connor, Lila Shaw, Jean Maxwell, Chacelyn Pierce, LeTeisha Newton, S.J. Maylee, Allyson Young, Elodie Parkes, Michelle Graham
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Unleash your naughty side with Evernight’s Executive Assistant anthology…

These sizzling hot stories dare to explore the taboo world of office romance. From X-rated job interviews, controlling Doms, to the unprofessional use of office furniture—these twelves stories have it all.

Our bestselling authors are determined to make you squirm. You may never see the office the same way again!

Indecent Proposal - Workplace Gone Wild, #1

Indecent Proposal
  • Number: 9781771306874
  • Release: 2014-01-06
  • Author: Jean Maxwell
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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When a hard-working professional girl gets overloaded with projects she tends to go a little crazy. Add in a hot, hunky company newcomer that she must work late into the night with and the stage is set for a workplace gone wild!!

Workaholic PR Manager Carlin Cates is asked to drop everything to help out a new recruit in completing a bid proposal with tight deadlines. She’s not crazy about putting in the extra time until the newcomer, Thatcher Banks, turns out to be the hottest Project Manager in the business!

Sex on the job was only a fantasy for Carlin until Thatcher Banks came along, but just as events in the back room heat up, Banks disappears without explanation. Feeling used and manipulated, more than the proposal seems indecent as Carlin tries to heal her wounded pride and discover the truth about her mysterious co-worker.

El Precio - The Price of Passion / Spanish Seduction, 2

El Precio
  • Number: 9781771301220
  • Release: 2012-09-03
  • Author: Jean Maxwell
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Following your passions, whether in your past, present or future, comes at a price.

Happily in love with engineer David Parker, and pursuing her new career as CEO of Flynn Enterprises in sunny Spain, architect Zara Flynn’s idyllic world is shaken to the core with a single text message. She must return home to Montreal to deal with an apartment break-in and the theft of her car. At the same time, her heart is put on the line by a woman from Dave’s past who claims to be pregnant with his child.

Her mind reeling, she flees to Montreal to do damage control on her property, landing in the arms of an old flame who spares no expense in trying to win her back. Exhausted and vulnerable, she is charmed by his attention, but can he be trusted?

Zara is torn between two worlds, when the most devastating news of all is revealed. Can she make things right with Dave, or has she already lost him to another woman? (Heat 3 / 57,170 Words)

El Mirador - Spanish Seduction, 1

El Mirador
  • Number: 9781927368350
  • Release: 2012-01-09
  • Author: Jean Maxwell
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Building a legacy...can be a beach. Rebuilding it...can be deadly.

Zara Flynn is an ambitious young architect, the daughter of renowned construction owner Tristan Flynn. When Tristan is killed in a jobsite disaster, Zara inherits both Flynn Enterprises and the problem of El Mirador, an abandoned piece of property on the Costa del Sol. Romance and intrigue are the farthest things from Zara’s mind, but gets a bulldozer-load of both when others scheme to steal her inheritance and a sexy Latin pop star tries to seduce her.

Thrown together with handsome engineer David Parker, she determines to discover the secrets of El Mirador as well as the circumstances of Tristan’s death. But Zara is already in danger of being eliminated in the same manner as her father.

As they get closer to the answers, Dave and Zara get closer to each other until their attraction ignites a romantic passion that has no shut-off valve. Zara Flynn inherits more than she bargained for beneath the steel beams and concrete of El Mirador and faces both a personal and environmental dilemma.

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