Author: Jean Fullerton

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Cutlasses and Caresses

Cutlasses and Caresses
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  • Number: 1601860579
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Jean Fullerton
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
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Cutlasses and Caresses is a romp through the Pirate Capital of Port Royal and the high seas in the volatile Caribbean of the 1680s, with a sensual, romantic adventure between Prudence Stone and Nathan Frazer at its centre. When Prudence Stone arrived in Port Royal her heart is full of hope of a wedding and married bliss. She is therefore shocked to find her fiancé in the hands of the sadistic pirate Diablo Ted. She vows to find him. When Prudence meets Nathan Frazer she judges him to be everything her fiancé is not and more. Her heart warns her to avoid entanglement with him at all costs, but can she? As she looks for clues to her fiancés disappearance, her attraction to Nathan blossoms. But can she trust him or is he just another womanizing, pleasure-loving rake who will betray her trust and love? Nathan Frazer has enough to do in Port Royal as a disguised naval commander trying to root out treachery against the British navy, without having to keep the head-strong Prudence Stone from danger. After their first meeting he tries to convinced himself she is too hot-tempered, impetuous and tight-laced ever to excite his interest. But much to his chagrin, excite it she does. But can he capture the traitor and keep Prudence safe and win her love from the missing Edward?