Author: Jay B. Gaskill

Several book projects (fiction and non-fiction) followed. Many of his articles, letters, and opinion pieces have run in publications diverse as The Oakland Tribune, The Economist, The San Francisco Chronicle, the journal First Things and Commentary Magazine, among others. Several of his fiction works have been published.


Gabriel's Stand

Gabriel's Stand
  • Number: B00KB5C28M
  • Release: 2014-05-12
  • Author: Jay B. Gaskill
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
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Gabriel Standing Bear, a senator and popular environmentalist, has led some of the most effective ecological protection work to date. But ongoing climate chaos and environmental hysteria have spawned an anti-technological movement with a chilling hidden agenda: Gaia - the earth is a living organism and humans are a pathogen. The extremists running the movement are rich, charismatic and powerful and are plotting a political takeover to move forward with Gaia’s final cure: selective human extinction.

While Gabriel tries to stop the movement led by the sociopathic Louise Berker, his efforts are thwarted by his ambitious but naive daughter, Snowfeather, as she unwittingly supports Berker and her followers. When the US government ratifies a seemingly innocuous treaty that grants the fanatics supreme power, and starts a cascade of events that will lead to the movement's ultimate outcome, Snowfeather must find a way out while Gabriel and his few allies make a final stand against the most dangerous politics in history.

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