Author: Jason Komito

Jason grew up in New City, NY, about twenty minutes north of Manhattan, exit 10 off the Palisades Parkway if you know the area. Jason has written countless press releases, bios and commercials during his ten year tenure as the Director of Marketing and Promotions for two of the biggest sports talk radio stations in Atlanta and St. Louis. An avid reader for over twenty-five years, a week doesn't slip by without Jason burning through at least two books.

Some of Jason’s favorite fantasy writers include David Eddings, Raymond Feist and Elizabeth Haydon. Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, Robert Ludlum and countless other thriller writers who have the ability to keep him on the edge of his seat also earn a top spot in his library. When he's not writing or concocting the idea for Sapphyre's next adventure in the soon-to-be epic series, you may very well spot him enjoying a glass of fine wine on the patio with his trusty lab, Ivy, sitting beside him. Jason resides in the Hollywood, California area and earns his living in Santa Monica where he sees the ocean each and every day.