Author: Jasmine Silvera

Jasmine Silvera has loved reading and telling stories about imaginary worlds for as long as she can remember. She acquired a love of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books from her dad, who thought the Hobbit was a perfectly acceptable bedtime story for a ten-year-old. She filled long hours as a volunteer at the church thrift store by reading boxes of donated Harlequins.

In college she published short stories and essays before earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In 2012, Jasmine quit her day job in web production to walk the Camino de Santiago and focus on her writing.

Inspired by and written during her two years living in Prague, her first published book, Death’s Dancer, was released on December 27, 2016 by Kindle Press. It was selected as part of the Kindle Scout Program.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their small, opinionated human charge.


Death's Dancer

Death's Dancer
  • Number: B01KU5SOL6
  • Release: 2016-12-27
  • Author: Jasmine Silvera
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Kindle Press
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"DEATH'S DANCER weaves suspense and romance into a story as smart as it is sensual... A thrilling debut." -Camille Griep, Author of Letters to Zell and New Charity Blues 

Isela Vogel is dancing on borrowed time: a degenerative hip threatens her successful career bringing the favor of the gods to her patrons. Now, one big job could set her up for life; if it doesn't get her killed. The Necromancer Azrael must harness the power of a god to stop a killer, and that requires a dancer.

Capricious gods and scheming necromancers are the least of Isela's worries. If she and Azrael fail, it will cost more than her life. If they succeed, she will lose everything she loves.

And then there's the danger of falling for a Lord of Death.

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