Author: Jane Tesh

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Butterfly Waltz

Butterfly Waltz
  • Number: B00ZQAD1TG
  • Release: 2015-06-15
  • Author: Jane Tesh
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Silver Leaf Books
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Desmond Fairweather, a young musician whose creative efforts are hampered by fears he may possess destructive magical powers, is swept up in a world of mystery and intrigue as he helps his tabloid writer friend Jake Brenner, who is on the hunt for a big supernatural story. Skeptical of the validity of the stories Jake hunts, Des reluctantly accompanies his friend on his latest adventure with the promise that Jake can help him secure an audition with the city symphony, a break Des desperately needs.

This latest story brings the two out to the country to investigate some talking flowers at the Snowden estate. While investigating the flowers of Christine Snowden, a startlingly beautiful young woman appears to Des who claims to be magical. She is Kalida, a mysterious creature who has escaped from the people of the Caverns and renounced their evil ways. However, her people have found her and are pressuring her to return to their world.

Butterfly Waltz captures the pure essence of two friends as they struggle with their own problems while trying to help out each other. It blends adventure, intrigue, mystery, and the allure of supernatural and inexplicable phenomena, all wrapped together in a delightful symphony that will capture the hearts and minds of readers.

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