Author: Jane Sigaloff

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The Romancipation of Maggie Hunter

The Romancipation of Maggie Hunter
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  • Number: 9780373895496
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Jane Sigaloff
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Red Dress Inc
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Isn't commitment what every girl dreams of?

Maggie Hunter is living the life she's always wanted.

Her career is taking off and, thanks to Japanese straightening technology, her hair is lying down. The commitment-phobic Maggie even has a serious boyfriend, Max. Smart, caring and funny, Max is practically perfect. There's just one problem: he's adamant that it's time for Maggie to move in.

Maggie's not sure she's ready to go from "me" to "we," or if she can cope with putting all her eggs in one basket (or all her shoes in one closet)! If only she could be more like Eloise, her best friend who's dying to start nesting. Except Eloise is with Jake, who has an apparent allergy to forward planning. He'll barely commit to an entire weekend at her place, let alone a joint lease.

So . . . Maggie wants a man like Jake, and Eloise wants a man like Max. At least that's how it seems to Maggie. She knows that somehow someone will have to make a switch, but as she examines the relationships around her, she can't help but wonder, can you really make someone change?

Jane Sigaloff lives and writes in London and has recently been romancipated.