Author: Jan Surasky

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Rage Against the Dying Light

Rage Against the Dying Light
  • Number: 9780578051116
  • Release: 2010-09-01
  • Author: Jan Surasky
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Sandalwood Press
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Of all the woman warriors in myth and legend, few are more storied than Boudicca, the fierce redheaded queen who, in the first century A.C.E., led the most celebrated Celtic rebellion in history. Until now, books about her have been based on the only written records that exist—ancient Roman writings. But here, for the first time, Jan Surasky imagines Boudicca’s enthralling story of bravery and triumph from the Celtic perspective. In her extensively researched, vividly told novel, Boudicca bursts to life as never before in all her bold passion, brazen courage and heroic glory.

At first a carefree young princess who revels in friendships and the beauty of her land, Boudicca learns the ways and rites of her Druid tribe. She prepares for the day she will be queen, wife, and mother. Soon after her politically matched marriage to a much older king, however, her world turns dark. Roman invaders, intent on conquering the loosely allied Celts, break a pact that would have saved Boudicca s tribe from doom. Throughout the land, the legions wreak brutal havoc, taking slaves, publicly humiliating Boudicca and assaulting her two young daughters. Betrayed and outraged, Boudicca will not back down. She leads thousands of warriors into an epic battle to avenge her daughters and rid her beloved island of Roman tyranny.

Grand in scope and intimate in detail, Rage Against the Dying Light resonates with the queen s indomitable spirit. Thanks to Jan SuraskyÂ’s beautifully written novel, Boudicca takes her place alongside no lesser woman warrior than Joan of Arc herself.

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