Author: James Scott Bell

Jim attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied writing with Raymond Carver. He graduated with honors from the University of Southern California law school, and has written over 300 articles and several books for the legal profession. He has taught novel writing at Pepperdine University and numerous conferences in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

His short fiction has appeared in two anthologies and he is currently at work on two series: pulp style boxing stories featuring Irish Jimmy Gallagher and the vigilante nun series Force of Habit.

Under the pen name K. Bennett he is also the author of the Mallory Caine zombie legal thriller series, which begins with Pay Me in Flesh.

He is the purveyor of short and to the point Writing Videos.

Jim served as fiction columnist for Writer's Digest magazine, to which he frequently contributes, and has written four craft books for Writer’s Digest Books: Plot & Structure, Revision & Self-Editing, The Art of War for Writers and Conflict & Suspense. His Write Your Novel From The Middle was an instant #1 Amazon bestselling writing book.

He has developed an online, interactive program that will help you write your novel, step-by-step. It’s the next best thing to having JSB in the room with you as you type!

A former trial lawyer, Jim now writes and speaks full time. He lives in Los Angeles. He blogs every Sunday at The Kill Zone.


How to Make a Living as a Writer

How to Make a Living as a Writer
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  • Release: 2014-10-29
  • Author: James Scott Bell
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It's the best time on Earth to be a writer

More writers are making money today than at any other time in history. For centuries few have been able to support themselves from the quill or the keyboard alone.

Not anymore. With the rise of ebooks and indie publishing there are now more opportunities than ever for writers to generate substantial income from their work. And there is still a traditional publishing industry that needs new talent to keep growing.

In How to Make a Living as a Writer, you'll learn the secrets of writing for profit and increasing your chances of making a living wage from your work. Here are some of the subjects covered:

- The 7 Secrets of Writing Success

- The 8 Essentials of Your Writing Business

- How to Reach Your Goals

- Keys to a Winning System

- How to Stay Relentless

- Unlocking Your Creativity

- How to Write More, Faster

- Comparing Traditional and Self-Publishing

- How to Go Traditional

- How to Go Indie

- How to Form Multiple Streams of Writing Income

- How to Write a Novel in a Month

- How to Choose Non-Fiction Subjects

- How to Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

- Resources for Further Study

And much more, all to help you write what you love and earn what you’re worth.

James Scott Bell has made a living as a writer for nearly two decades, and shares with you everything he knows about the best practices for turning your writing dream into a reality.

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