Author: James Reasoner

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Draw - The Greatest Gunfights of the American West

  • Number: 9780425191934
  • Release: 2003-12-02
  • Author: James Reasoner
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: History
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
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James Reasoner has been praised for his well-researched and lively, suspenseful novels. Now, he proves that truth can be even more exciting than fiction. Known for his ability to make history come vividly to life, Reasoner strips away the dime novel legends and Hollywood myths to show us how the gunfighters of the Old West really lived, killed-and were killed. Among the true stories he brings us:

_ Doc Holliday's Last Gunfight _ The Last Dalton Raid _ The End of the Notorious John Wesley Hardin _ Wild Bill's Tragic Mistake _ The End of an Earp _ Gunfight at Stone Corral _ The Doolin Bunch vs. the U.S. Marshals _ Rourke's Bad Luck Robbery _ Shoot-out at the Tuttle Dance Hall _ Wichita's New Year's Day Gunfight _ Bat Masterson and the Battle of the Plaza _ The Sam Bass Gang's Luck Runs Out _ The Long Branch Saloon's Spectacular Fray _ Ben Thompson and the Vaudeville Ambush _ The Man Who Killed the Man Who Killed Jesse James

These are the shootouts and showdowns that gave the Wild West its name...recounted here with gritty accuracy, colorful detail, and all the drama of life-and death-on the frontier.

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