Author: Jackie Taylor Zortman

A former bookstore owner in a beautiful Colorado mountain tourist town, I have been writing since 1990. Normally I write in the law enforcement genre, since I am married to a 42-year veteran police officer, now retired. I began by writing poetry and that evolved into short stories and magazine articles in the field of law enforcement, history, genealogy and, finally, into my first stand-alone book called "We Are Different Now." I have been a contributing author to several anthologies, some of which are American Blue; Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides (published July 1, 2013); Echoes From the Silence; Dusting Off Dreams and The Centennial Book of the National Society of Daughter of the Union 1861-1865. I have two 2013 Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA) Writers Contest awards for my articles "Amache" and "The Siege at Cortez".

My oldest grandson, Pete, died beside the river in the pitch black of night after falling 100 feet to the rock-strewn canyon floor. He was only 21 years old and the apple of my eye. My book invites you to come along with me on my journey through death on the mountain. Read the true story of what has been revealed to us since we lost this young man with the angelic face and who was born possessing an old soul.

Besides writing, I love being outdoors in these beautiful mountains in all of the seasons, spending time with my family (I have 3 kids and 5 beautiful grandchildren) and relaxing in the arms of nature's quiet and beauty that our little mountain town provides. We live at 8000 feet and our house has one of the most spectacular views ever seen and I love it here, moving from Ohio 32 years ago. That surely makes me, at least, a semi-native of Colorado.