Author: Jack Everett

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The Back of Beyond - Abbot and the Acolyte

The Back of Beyond
  • Number: 9781610090292
  • Release: 2012-05-15
  • Authors: Jack Everett, David Coles
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Dark Oak Mysteries
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Debut of The Abbot and the Acolyte Series...Abbot Rutilius, for his sins against authority, is made Papal auditor of monasteries in 13th Century France. With his newly appointed Acolyte, William, he comes to St. Guilhem where money laundering in the abbey kitchens and a nasty murder await investigation. Soon, another murder claims a second monk, twin to the first victim. What is the connection? How can the disagreeable Gilbert be held accountable? Who took the Abbot’s pie? It takes an intractable goat and a near-drowning in an underground river to expose the truth. The Abbot acquires a little humility while the Acolyte gains rather more from the Comte’s daughter... 232 pages

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