Author: JT Macleod

JT Macleod is the pen name of John Dodds, a Scot, now living in Bulgaria. Trained as a journalist, he worked for many years as an arts publicist in Glasgow, and latterly in the communications department of a social housing agency. He has had numerous short stories published, and one novel, Bone Machines (first edition out of print, but now a successful podiobook and ebook).

Three of his stories received honourable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. His work has appeared in such publications as The Horror Express magazine; New Blood, Old Souls; Breaking Windows: A Fantastic Metropolis Sampler (Prime Books); Shorts V (Polygon) and elsewere. You can also hear some of his stories on audio, through podcasts such as Crimewav, Pseudopod and StarshipSofa. He has completed a second novel, Kali's Kiss, with two more underway. One of his short stories, Dr. North's Wound, was praised by science fiction and fantasy luminary, Michael Moorcock, who said: "John is one of the most promising new writers I have read for some time. I highly recommend his work." 


Warriors and Wenches

Warriors and Wenches
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  • Release: 2011-07-06
  • Author: JT Macleod
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Supernatural
  • Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
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Magical accountancy isn't Hollywood's most exciting profession. But when numeromancer Karlyn Summers finds a handsome knight unconscious in her basement, she's forced to find creative new uses for her skills.

Danger and desire in ancient Japan. A warrior monk must defeat demons, bandits and a devastating plague to win the heart of a woman.

Horse Thief
Scottish rebel Black Angus steals horses and cattle just to survive, but the girl who loves him has another admirer--the man who holds Angus's very life in his hands.

Wings of Fire
World War II. A captured American pilot brings a German officer's wife into a conflict between duty and desire, and the shattering choice between love and death.

Gulliver Redux
In an unknown erotic episode from Gulliver's Travels our hero rescues a giantess from a brutal beating, and discovers that size really does matter. 

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