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Author: JC Hay

When I was younger, I watched this amazing animated series and then devoured the Jack McKinney novelizations. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the part I would discuss with my friends wasn’t the cool technology, or the amazing action sequences – I was pulled into the wonderful, painful love triangle between Lisa, Rick and Lynn Minmei. All that setting, and there is plenty, only mattered as to how it drove the characters together. And thus an SFR aficionado was born.

When I started writing seriously, I ended up all over the map. I dabbled in most of the speculative fiction genres with varying degrees of success, until I remembered the thing that really caught me about Robotech – the coolest technology in the galaxy is worthless unless you have someone who cares about you to share it.

So I started writing the stories I really wanted to read – sweeping tales of galactic empires in decline, and love on the hardscrabble rim of civilization. Romance in both the classical and understood senses of the word, with brave, tough-as-nails women and the men determined to win their hearts. Hopefully, you’ll find them as enjoyable as I do.

JC Hay is a proud member of Romance Writers of America; the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal genre chapter; and the SFR Brigade (for fans and writers of Science Fiction Romance). He lives, writes, and knits in an outpost on the edge of habitable space, also known as the Northwest, and is a proud defender of the Oxford comma.


Flare: Team Corona - The Great Space Race

Flare: Team Corona
  • Number: B0774KBFWH
  • Release: 2017-11-21
  • Author: JC Hay
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Metal Pig Press
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They could go all the way, if they don't go straight to hell

All Kayana wants is respect. Jilted by her fiancée, turned out by her family, and rejected by her crew – esteem is in short supply. When she hears about the cash prize for winning the Great Space Race, she realizes it's more than enough money to get her old life back. Or buy herself an asteroid someplace where she won't care what people think.  

Ax Turner just needs to hide, and the Race gives him the best opportunity to do so. In plain sight. Surely the thugs and criminals he's ripped off won't come after him while cameras are rolling on the galaxy's most popular reality game show. And if they do, well, having a partner who's able to fight and looks like a devil seems like a win. 

They're on the run -  from the past, from the lethal challenges of the Great Race, from their feelings, and straight into each other. They've got more than their share of problems, and those secrets could drive them apart, or be the key to winning the biggest prize of all: each other.

South Seas Salvation - Corporate Services Book 3

South Seas Salvation
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: B073Q7VL8J
  • Author: JC Hay
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Speculative / PNR, Diverse Books, * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Metal Pig Press
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She'd sacrifice everything for the score of a lifetime...

...He'd sacrifice himself to settle one.

Yashilla lives in her head. She’d much prefer the digital realities that she controls like a maestro to the messy one outside her door. And the last thing she wants is a babysitter, even if she can’t keep her eyes – or her mind – off of him.

Zar’s only looking for two things: revenge and a meaningful death. To get a chance at both, he’ll have to bodyguard an impulsive hacker with the keys he needs to strike his enemy’s heart. He never expected she might give him a reason to live instead.

As their virtual and physical words collide, passion and sparks threaten the walls they’ve built. But lowering their defenses increases the danger; without trust, they both might get exactly what they were looking for, and nothing that they want.

Heart and Minds

Heart and Minds
  • Number: B06XHS2KZ8
  • Release: 2017-03-09
  • Author: JC Hay
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Metal Pig Press
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Syna Davout was hired for a simple smash-and-grab job—smash into a luxury yacht, grab the cash, and split the proceeds with her client. Unfortunately, the client failed to mention that she’d be the diversion for an assassination attempt that destroys the yacht and leaves her with a passenger she neither wanted nor expected - a fugitive telepath caught in the middle of a revolution.

Galen Fash knew his days were numbered. The fledgling uprising on his homeworld needs him to buy them time, with his life if necessary. The last thing he wanted is to get involved with a pirate captain-for-hire whose larger-than-life emotions draw him like a moth to a flame.

On the run from a relentless enemy that wants them both dead will be hard enough without acknowledging the attraction that flares between them. Together they might have a chance, assuming they can survive each other…

Previously released by Samhain Publishing

Mumbai Manhunt - Corporate Services Book 2

Mumbai Manhunt
  • Stars
  • Number: B01N1YGDFU
  • Release: 2017-01-11
  • Author: JC Hay
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Speculative / PNR, * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: JC Hay
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They made him a destroyer

Thirteen years ago, Palash Joshi indentured himself to Corporate Services in exchange for the cybernetic upgrades that made him stronger and faster; giving him a better life in exchange for allowing them to whittle away his humanity one horrible act at a time. Now though, his time as one of their operators is almost at an end. Freedom is in reach, and his only remaining job is to revisit the only woman who had touched his heart and destroy her life’s work.

She needed a protector

Netta Schulmann knew her corporate masters would send someone to punish her eventually – she had stalled too long in developing their perfect weapon, and the company that had been her refuge couldn’t risk their investment much longer. She didn’t expect them to send the same man who had shown her solace and protection when she’d been on the run, the one person she had trusted implicitly.

Neither of them expected Corporate Services to send an assassin, to make sure they were both out of the way.

Forced into flight, Netta and Joshi find that three years apart has only heightened their passion for each other, but with time running out, they will need more than passion to survive. They’ll need trust. But even that has limits, and as secrets from each of their pasts comes to light, not even love may be enough to save them.

Dubai Double-Cross - Corporate Services Book 1

Dubai Double-Cross
  • Number: B01M1M8FRL
  • Release: 2016-10-12
  • Author: JC Hay
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Rom: Speculative / PNR, * SF: Science Fiction, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Metal Pig Press
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On the run. Out of Control.

From the underworld of corporate infighting…

Heavily modified and highly skilled, “acquisitions expert” Elsie Briggs worked behind the scenes of the corporate world’s espionage wars. Or she had, until her most recent target turns up murdered and she’s forced to go on the run with the only person who can exonerate her, the victim’s lover and personal assistant.

…To the city’s glittering towers…

Plucked off the street to be the plaything of one of the richest women in the world, Na’im thought his life was finally complete; his obedience and the suite of cybernetic modifications he carried were a small price to pay for life at the top of society. Until his boss is murdered and his only ally is the professional thief hired to rob them.

…They can’t run from what’s inside

On the run and running short on allies, Elise and Na’im are about to discover that the murderer is closer than either of them suspect. If they plan to survive on the futuristic streets of Dubai, they need to learn how to trust each other, because when everything can be upgraded and emotions can be programmed, sometimes all that can keep you human is your heart.

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