Author: J.K. Denny

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Blood Sister

Blood Sister
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  • Number: 9780977224029
  • Release: 11/23/2009
  • Author: J.K. Denny
  • Genre: Suspense
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  • Publisher: JD Entertainment
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Blood Sister is an action packed story about two best friends, who as children, made a promise that was sealed with blood to be together forever, but little did they know that their pact would indeed keep them together, even through death.

Mark Mathews, a dentist in his early thirties, lives in Florida with his high-maintenance wife, who can't stand him. On the night of his thirty-second birthday, Mark receives a letter slipped under his front door that explains how his childhood friend, Johnny Sturlacky, a street-wise tomboy, needs his help. It's been twenty years since he's seen or heard from her, but the letter reminds Mark of a promise he made that was sealed with blood, a promise that he will have to keep.

Blood Sister is an entertaining read. The story will take you from Detroit to Florida and back, and then will set you down on a twisted ending that you won't see coming. Read the adventure today!

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