Author: J. J. South

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33 A Gay Love Story

33 A Gay Love Story
  • Number: B004G8R2HQ
  • Release: Sept 28, 2010
  • Author: J. J. South
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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The torment of deprived love, of the heart’s desperation to find a mate, of the body’s innate needs and quest to find companionship, of the void of body contact and sexual fulfillment. These everyday dilemmas are the foundations of ‘33 a gay love story’.

When mid-20yo’s Rick and Justin meet in a heated encounter in an elevator, they embark on a relationship exposing issues of self-doubts and loyalty, while re-living past fragile moments, and confronting the anxieties and trials of gay life and homophobic issues.

They meet twelve other guys, aged 18 to 30, each seeking release from loneliness and various related issues; of hardships, abuses, insecurities, denial, rejection, curiosity and desire, found in everyday situations that touch feelings and tug at memories.

33 relates the beauty and bounties realized when guys end the abyss of loneliness, when fellowships and partnerships form, when romance develops, when guys fall in love, and of their attendant pleasures.

Sinister corporate crime, involving an intriguing murder, tests love-struck Justin’s courage and devotion for his mate. He resolves to confront the threats with guile and skill. Are his primitive methods sufficient to match the madness and weapons of the murderers to save his mate?

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