Author: J. Damask

As a girl growing up in Singapore, J. Damask was exposed to the rich traditions and myths of her Chinese heritage as well as the multicultural landscape of a cosmopolitan island state. Likewise, she became an ardent fan and reader of science fiction and fantasy, immersing herself in the worlds of Frank Herbert, Anne McCaffrey and Robert Heinlein. She started writing at an early age and has never stopped.

J. Damask is also the pen-name of Joyce Chng who writes speculative fiction and has published her fiction in online magazines and small presses like Semaphore Magazine and Crossed Genres. She likes werewolves, steampunk and all things speculative fiction. When she's not writing, Joyce is busy wrangling kids (two girls!), cat-herding and container-gardening. She sometimes wishes she has more time to write.