Author: Isabella Connor

Isabella Connor is the penname of Val Olteanu and Liv Thomas.

VAL OLTEANU grew up in Scotland, and her childhood ambitions were to travel and to be a writer.

After studying English and Art History at the University of Glasgow, she moved to London where she worked in the Literature Department of the Arts Council England. Some years later, she decided to teach English and see the world. She lived and worked in Croatia, the West Bank, and Mexico, before settling with her husband in Canada. She is currently an adult educator in Burnaby, British Columbia. She ‘met’ Liv Thomas on an internet forum, and the two decided to co-author a novel, despite living more than 4,700 miles apart. Through e-mails and late night/early morning phone calls, they succeeded in producing their debut novel, ‘Beneath an Irish Sky.’

LIV THOMAS was born and raised in the South of England. She always had the dream of becoming a writer, but never had the confidence to pursue it completely.

After positive responses to Lord of the Rings fan-fiction, she decided it was time to make the dream a reality. Wife and mum, Liv works for the National Health Service in Southampton, England. Her children are grown up, but the West Highland Terrier is still at home. Ideally, she’d also like a tiger, a meerkat, and a giant panda. Realistically, this isn’t likely. Liv has travelled extensively, including the United States and the Caribbean, without setting foot on an airplane as she has a fear of flying.

Val and Liv hope one day to meet in person.