Author: Helen Landalf

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  • Number: 9780547519739
  • Release: 2011-12-20
  • Author: Helen Landalf
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult
  • Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books
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Girl loves Mom. Mom loves meth.

Stevie Calhoun is fifteen and knows how to take care of herself. Her mom has disappeared for days at a time before. So why is Aunt Mindy making such a big deal of it now? Whatever. Stevie will pack up her gypsy skirts, midriffs, camouflage pants, and red high heels. She’ll go with Aunt Mindy. But it doesn’t mean she’s going to stay. Mom will return and promise to never see Drake and his white powder again. Stevie will make sure of that. If Mom’s awake, she’ll be with her. If she’s working at the club, Stevie will hang at home and count the hours. Who cares about school? Who cares about Alan and helping those stupid birds? Crap. Does she? With a powerful mix of humor and heartbreak, Flyaway is a contemporary novel that takes a frank, hopeful look at the victims of addiction and their right to a safe and heartening future.

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