Author: Heather Webb

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Rodin's Lover

Rodin's Lover
  • Number: 9780142181751
  • Release: 2015-01-27
  • Author: Heather Webb
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical, Historical Fiction
  • Publisher: Plume
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A mesmerizing tale of art and passion in Belle Époque France

As a woman, aspiring sculptor Camille Claudel has plenty of critics, especially her ultra-traditional mother. But when Auguste Rodin makes Camille his apprentice?and his muse?their passion inspires groundbreaking works. Yet, Camille’s success is overshadowed by her lover’s rising star, and her obsessions cross the line into madness.

Rodin’s Lover brings to life the volatile love affair between one of the era’s greatest artists and a woman entwined in a tragic dilemma she cannot escape.

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