Author: Hannah Hooton

Hannah Hooton burst onto the contemporary romance scene with the release of her debut novel At Long Odds in January 2012. Her next book Keeping The Peace is due to be released in Spring 2012.

The inspiration for these novels came while combining her wanderlust with her love of horse racing when living and travelling around Australia and southern Africa. She has now settled in East Anglia, UK and occasionally wanders the halls of Anglia Ruskin University where she is honing her craft. Her other not-so-secret-now aspiration of becoming a harmonica player as part of Bruce Springsteen's entourage came to an abrupt end when she discovered how difficult breathing in tune can be.

Hannah's passion and mild obsession with horses has forced her to plan her own life around the racing calendar. But she is still a romantic at heart and is known to make the odd exception. The only reason she missed the 2010 Grand National was because her friend was getting married that same weekend. However, her family are well aware not to expect an appearance from her at functions during the likes of Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival weeks.

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