Author: Halli Dee Lilburn

30ish, wife and mother, cat owner, gardener, artist, photographer, seamstress, poet, dreamer, geneologist, singer, dancer, writer and librarian. Those are the jobs I like. Unfortunately I am also a cook, maid, nurse, driver, servant, slave, lawyer, accountant, landlord, secretary, and human. I can't spell, run a marathon keep my house clean and my kids quiet, get up in the morning, hold my breath under water, do my hair, shave my legs or pierce my ears. I can write a story, get it published, make people weep, keep a secret, win an argument, pick up spiders, handle the sight of blood, subdue aggressive dogs, make a mean grilled cheese, do my daughters' hair, learn new things and keep my sanity.



  • 3 Stars
  • Number: B0083PRBG0
  • Release: 2012-05-15
  • Author: Halli Dee Lilburn
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Imajin Books
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Reality shifting could destroy Lina's life—or help her overthrow a government conspiracy…

While coping with classes and crushes at an elite private school that has a 'big brother' approach to surveillance and implants strange I.D. tags under each student's skin, Lina Pawlak discovers that students are disappearing. A government agency, Special Force, is creating a superior race of humans by weeding out those with “corrupt” DNA.

Lina yearns to be a normal teenage girl, though she's anything but "normal." She's a shifter, and her realities are about to multiply. Shifting from one reality to the next, she clings to sanity, tries to prevent a mass genocide and deals with a reoccurring dilemma—she can’t save everyone in every reality.

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