Author: H.L. Reasby

Heather Reasby is a writer and editor who resides in the beautiful (and rainy) Pacific Northwest. She lives there with her beloved husband, two deranged cats, and two crazed dogs. Reading and writing (of course) top the list of personal interests, but Heather also enjoys movies, gaming (roleplaying games being her favorite), and spending time with friends.

Drawn to literature from an early age, it was amusingly enough the need to fill a course credit in college which started her on the track to writing. Inspired by the Ripley character from the “Alien” movies, Heather enjoys telling the stories of strong and courageous women, fueled by the dream of creating new heroes built on the foundation of classical mythologies. In addition to her literary creative outlets, she has embraced the new digital age, emphasizing networking and the unfettered elements of publishing that the internet has so graciously provided.