Author: H. David Blalock

H. David Blalock has been writing speculative fiction for decades. His fiction has appeared in novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, and websites. He was awarded the Memphis Science Fiction Association's 2000 Darrell Award for Best Electronic Fiction and in 2012 was nominated for the 2011 PulpArk Award for Best Short Story.

David's interests are not just limited to writing fiction. He is the co-founder of the Imagicopter author cooperative ( and an editor for the cooperative's anthology "Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells".


Angelkiller - The Angelkiller Triad, #1

  • Number: 9780983740230
  • Release: 2011-11-28
  • Author: H. David Blalock
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Seventh Star Press
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Meet Jonah Mason, the oldest, and most experienced of the Angelkillers, an elite force in the Army of Light. They are fighting an ancient war, one in which the Darkness achieved a great triumph long ago that has had profound influence on the fabric of life as we know it. It is the simple answer as to why bad things happen to good people.

The great battle may have been lost, but the war continues in a modern age, pitting Jonah against the Enemy in a way even he had never faced. A provocative mixture of the supernatural and technological, Angelkiller is a very special, thought-provoking tale, one that shines forth in the upper realms of urban fantasy literature.

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