Author: Guillermo Paxton

A long time Juarez resident and author, Guillermo Paxton unknowingly put his life and his family in imminent danger while doing research for THE PLAZA. After investigating a massacre at a local bar, the federal police abducted him. Paxton and his family were threatened in no uncertain terms. After relocating to the United States, Paxton was able to seek publishing for his book with less fear of direct retribution from either the Mexican government or drug cartels.


The Plaza

The Plaza
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  • Number: B0080HDUSE
  • Release: 2012-05-03
  • Author: Guillermo Paxton
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: No Frills Buffalo
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Plaza. Spanish: in Mexican culture, a slang word describing the territory of a certain drug cartel.

"I've been a reporter for years, and a resident of Juarez, Mexico all of my life. I've never seen anything like it. No one thought the drug war would be like this...My town has become the battleground for drug cartels. Even the police are being killed on a daily basis. Bands of teenagers working as paid assassins & extortionists are hitting every business, no matter how small. Things I took for granted like going to a restaurant, getting a haircut, or even an evening at the movies with my family put all our lives in danger. Robberies and public executions have become common place. Now when I report only five homicides in twenty-four hours, it is considered a good day." - Saul Saavedra, crime reporter for The Juarez Daily in THE PLAZA.

In justĀ one year's time he saw his city change from a decent place to live and work to a crime-infested inferno. He reports the happenings in a city that is experiencing total social decay and writes against the government that at best does nothing about it. Two major drug cartels battle it out in Juarez and Saul soon finds himself in the crossfire between Juarez Cartel/Zetas alliance and the Sinaloa Cartel.

Based on true events in the city of Juarez, The Plaza is about the people, the government and the cartels that make up both the innocent victims and the criminals that are the pawns in the drug war of Mexico.

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