Author: Gordon Zuckerman

Gordon Zuckerman is the author of the acclaimed historical fiction series, The Sentinels. The first two books in The Sentinels series, "Fortunes of War" and "Crude Deception", are set in climates of military turmoil where government and greed collide in high-stakes drama with entire nations hanging in the balance.


The Voices Behind the Curtain - A Historical Thriller

The Voices Behind the Curtain
  • Number: B0160TUMFM
  • Release: 2015-09-30
  • Author: Gordon Zuckerman
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Historical Fiction, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
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Written as the third book in the original Sentinel trilogy, the “Voices Behind the Curtain” tells the story of how the Sentinels become aware and elect to oppose two new “Power Cycle” type threats. The emergence of four such threats in less than seven years clearly indicates that the malignant formation of self-serving agendas generated by different combinations of concentrated wealth, government influence, and the support of the financial community can no longer be consider as isolated events but must be considered to be part of a continuous process.

In 1948 Mike Stone returns to lead his American Sentinel colleagues' efforts to oppose a consortium of American military industrial prime contractors’ attempt to manipulate Congress’s defense procurement protocols for their own self-interests. The story unfolds in the congressional hearing rooms of the United States government, Mexico City, Southern California, London’s filmmaking industry, New York, and Washington, DC. At each step, the Sentinels are forced to contend with the mercenary efforts of Samson, the ruthless private security firm.

In 1949, Jacques Roth leads the European Sentinels' efforts to expose an international construction company’s fraudulent attempt to construct Egypt’s Aswan Dam. Jacques and his wife, the former Claudine Demaureux, learn the electrical and agricultural revenues created by the proposed construction of the dam will not be adequate to amortize the debt required to fund construction. Convinced the real numbers don’t work, they lead the European Sentinel’s efforts to prevent the “Western Sponsors” from reaping the perspective rewards at the expense of the Egyptian economy, the American tax payers, the IMF, and the World Bank. The story begins in Geneva and continues through Africa’s Niger River basin, Montana’s Rocky Mountains, and the board rooms of principal bankers in the United States and Europe. Ruthless paramilitary security companies have been employed to prevent Jacques, TJ Flint, and David Marcus from interfering with their approval process.

By 1950, Cecelia Chang Stone, The “mighty intellectual warrior” from Hong Kong, now the wife of Mike Stone, is convinced the ability to perpetuate the Sentinel’s opposition to continuously emerging “Power Cycle” type threats requires them to rethink, retool, and reorganize their future efforts. While her fellow Sentinels are preoccupied solving current threats, she devotes her time and energy to searching for a solution that will allow the Sentinels to perpetuate opposition to “Power Cycle” type threats on a more permanent basis.

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