Author: Glyn Sotino

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Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue
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  • Release: 2009-07-12
  • Author: Glyn Sotino
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: Closed / Torquere Press, LLC.
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Ever since the accident that left him scarred for life, and took his lover, Richie, from him, Aidan is a broken man. He's drowning his sorrows in the whiskey until he stumbles across the little glass bottle Richie bought on their last vacation. When he pulls out the bottle stopper, Aidan gets far more than he bargained for.

Genie Zahir can't bring Richie back, which is what Aidan really wants, and Aidan sends Zahir away in disgust. Eventually, though, curiosity and loneliness push Aidan back to the genie in the bottle, and his three wishes. Their attraction is undeniable, but with Aidan in mourning and Zahir being punished for past transgressions, can this odd couple ever make anything of their relationship?