Author: Gina Kincade

By day, I am a mother to two young, rambunctious boys who keep me on my toes and one incredibly intelligent male teen.

My nights are filled with the paranormal erotic characters within my book series and the thrilling intimate relationships they have yet to explore or cuddling up with one of the incredible books generated by any number of my awesome fellow authors and friends.

I am an author of erotic short stories and erotic paranormal romance books. I love spending my spare time using the extreme imagination that I am blessed with to create a story you can "crawl" into.

I've always had a major fascination with wolves, werewolves, witches and vampires...almost anything paranormal.

WIP: Owner of a new erotic publishing company, Naughty Nights Press. Creating a series of paranormal erotic romance books and several anthologies of erotic short stories. Founder and Administrator of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum at

Available to anyone, aspiring or established author, who wishes to try their hand at erotic literature, and those who enjoy reading it.

Always seem to have more on the go then I can handle but I wouldn't change a moment of it!


Shifting Gears AIDP Anthology

Shifting Gears AIDP Anthology
  • Number: 0634502039
  • Release: Out Now
  • Authors: Shelby Morgen, Rian Monaire, Gina Kincade
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * SPICY: HOT Romance, Collections & Anthologies, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC
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One conference. One snowstorm. One nearly empty bar. Half a dozen small press publishers... and an organization was born.

Now we're shifting gears...

Three publishers step from behind the desk and work together to bring you a hot and sexy shifter anthology.

The first of many collective anthologies by The Association of Independent Digital Publishing, this book is sure to be the cat's meow. Enjoy!

The Stories:

A Shot at Love (Gina Kincade, Naughty Nights Press):

When faced with the displeasure of his lover's family over their son's sexual preferences, as well as the issue of him being 'not of their kind', Jay, an eagle shifter, thinks he's doing the right thing for everyone when he chooses to walk away from the only man he's ever loved.

Quickly realizing how hard it is to stay away from Mark, a panther shifter, Jay watches from afar and suffers a massive bout of jealousy at the first sign of another man in Mark's house.

Will Mark turn him down in favor of this new person in his life, or will Jay convince him they belong together?

The Twilight Mew (Rian Monaire, Mojocastle Press)

Rhylie loves the idea of becoming a cat shifter, and decides to cast a spell that will finally give her the abilities she's been seeking. But she needed to be careful what she wished for...or at least, be more specific.

Giordian just wanted peace and quiet, and the woods offered just that. Unfortunately, his twilight visitor was going to shake all of that up.

Better With Mustard (Shelby Morgen, Changeling Press)

When a stray cat blackmails Officer Joe Callahan down at Coney Island Dogs, Joe thinks he's got a case for Animal Control. But this is one of those rare times when duct tape can't fix everything. The stray cat's under Joe's skin. She's all too familiar, but can she find a place in Joe's bed -- and his heart?

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